NirvanaMeta will cooperate with BNB Toast to develop emerging DeFi+ metaverse

It is reported that NirvanaMeta will cooperate with BNB Toast to develop the emerging DeFi+ metaverse. BNB Toast is a super-annualized BNB earner + Metaverse ecology. BNB Toast has been deployed to Binance Smart Chain. During the internal test period, the pledged TVL has exceeded 2000BNB, the number of users has gradually increased, and the infrastructure is gradually under construction. According to official news, as of now, BNB Toast participants have reached 4000+.

In the future, BNB Toast will make every effort to build the Metaverse ecology, GameFi chain games, and achieve its ecological closed loop one by one through cross-chain, NFTs and other ecological technologies. BNB Toast official website:

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