The inaugural Pier Nation “Citizen of the Month” goes to Petunia

The inaugural Pier Nation “Citizen of the Month” goes to Petunia

I was gonna call Petunia “Chatter of the Month” but i realized if she could talk, she would have said “For the love of god could you please get this gd peachplum pit (say that 10 times real fast) out of me before it heads to Sphincterville?

Anyone who knows who Petunia is already knows why and anyone that doesn’t won’t understand. I feel like i’m auditioning for the stomach busting role in the doggy version of Alien!” . Get well sugar daddy md Petunia, Clifton (and the world) need you. ===

Maaven Before all of this got really out of control. my momma dropped some hand sanitizer off to me at work. I put it in my pocket. didn’t realize it was leaking all over until my cooch started burning.

The only thing that would have made this funnier is if she had added “And at the time, I was listening to Seger’s “The Fire Down Below”. ===

How you can tell when someone has never looked at themselves in the mirror. He always thought babies cried when he got near them because he doesn’t have milk in his tits. His fat ugly man tits. Cough at that dumbass. ===

It’s just a way to be hip with the politically correct social media fucks

Irony exists even on Easter. So usually in the past i’ve tried to catch at least some of the Ten Commandments movie or something similar. This year was some of the miniseries Jesus of Nazareth made in the 70s i think. i don’t know if anyone ever noticed this before, but the Virgin Mary was played by Olivia Hussey. Olivia did an ok job but i have to wonder if that was intentional role casting. ====

www_johnsdiva I have to say many days as a naive chatter i was stunned at some of the names I was called

?What a crock of shit that is. Half the people who say it don’t even know (or care) what it means. For proof the motto isn’t true, all you need to do is see how this plague has been so intertwined with the political landscape. For a perfect example of this, watch the Politics room for an hour. Continue reading